What’s this blog about?

Remakes and Reboots are the latest trend in Hollywood. Whether this is due to lack of original ideas in the industry or going for the safe route of re-cashing in on previous successful film plots, not all remakes can be bad. Remakes and Reboots are especially useful for reinvigorating interest back in old successful ideas for the current generation. Nolan’s Batman Series are great examples!

This blog is not only about remakes and reboots. It’s about trying to find existing ideas that could be brought on screen. Whether these ideas are from games, old movies, TV Shows, cartoons, comic books, novels, etc, I would make a new post now and then about an idea I really liked and I think it would be worth making a movie of it.

I am looking forward to share and hear from everyone what kind of movies they would wanna see made!


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